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Searching for new customares can be time consuming. You are probably wondering how to advertise your company online and how to promote your business on social media. Short video ads or promo videos will definitely make the difference for your digital marketing strategy. Social media video advertising, product video ads or animated explainer videos contribute to increase sales and conversion rates as audiovisual advertising is still the best way to bring up your business on the web and expand your social media engagement. Thanks to high creativity and audiovisual production professional tools and softwares, Dimarzio Visual Art will provide you with the freelance content marketing and the video promotion services that suits best for you. The keystone is to build connection and trust with your project.


Start now to plan your digital marketing strategy focusing on creative video ads


Video promotion for products

Creative video ads for your product.

Quality control and communication
management for your business.


Engaging video to advertise your business website and social media. Show your services and products with online video promotion.


Animations for marketing.
Express the values of your brand with 

qualitative animated content.

     Make your business easy creating great marketing video from scratch